Since October 2019, I have continued my research assistantship with Dr. Melody Bowdon in her new office. I am currently working with the GEP Refresh initiative to resign gender education courses across the university. As the only active researcher and student on this project, I have served a more vocal role in meetings with faculty than in a writing capacity. As the project advances with my participation I will be able to attribute this section with it’s achievements.
College of Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Center
I also engaged in personal projects under Dr. Bowdon’s mentorship. I organized and co-facilitated a book club for faculty, staff, and students during Fall 2019, securing books, scheduling meetings, and planning a talk with the author. Trans* In College (Nicolazzo, 2017) led our groups thorough discussions trans studies, critical ethnography and the institution of higher ed, as well as our strategizing change and resilience with each other’s experiences. I have also worked with members of LGBTQ+ Services student board, the Lavender Council, and the UCF PD to revise the departments policy for interacting with transgender people on campus.
From February 2018 through October 2019, I worked as a research assistant for the Karen L Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. By working under the director, Dr. Melody Bowdon, as well as assisting post-docs, I learned how to guide myself in the scholarship of higher education. My projects have covered VR, active learning, integrative learning, syllabi design, website design, and various other pedagogical practices. This collaborative work doesn’t lend itself well to producing polished documents. Below are texts I created to use within our office.