This article first appeared on DIY Florida, a now defunct blog about DIY in Florida, in December of 2019.


Lavender House Review

Melbourne based Funeral Homes dropped their debut album, Lavender House, last week. After finals, fests, and stacked shows all around Florida, it’s the LP we need to chill the fuck out.

Remember how Spotify called everyone who listened to different types of indie and emo “genre-fluid”? Lavender House actually makes me think there’s some use to the term. Opening with a solo banjo in “Cowboy Emoji” and ending seven tracks later on synth, each track shows off the dynamic ability of the artist through seven distinct sounds and moods. Over that time, the arrangement gets heavier, approaching post-hardcore with “DRK” (ft. lyrics and vocals by (Superdestroyer) before mellowing out to “Hibiscus Leaf”. Think Told Slant to something vaguely Code Orange to Tomboi.

A constant of Lavender House is its strong lyrics writing, which uses rhyme and sparse illustrations to introspect on break up feelings. The lyrical progression, another constant, leaves more to be desired from a story of heartbreak. While “Cowboy Emoji” and “Hibiscus Leaf” sound completely different, they feel like they’re written about the same part of a break up. It’s not necessarily dissonant, but an apparent opportunity for Funeral Homes’ future works — which I won’t be surprised to see on the next year-in-review.