I wrote and curated Indie Game Websites’ best visual novels list.
“Silent Princess” began as an essay arguing that Zelda is the main character of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It turned into an exploration of the trans narrative I found in my journey through Hyrule.
My poem “Gemini” was included in Unwinnable’s physical #Quaranzine.
Essay Writing and Other Criticism
I describe how how the 2019 mech anime by Roosterteeth queers mind/body dualism. Also titled “mind:BODY.”
I finally get to writing about FF7 and Wall Market. For Bullet Points Monthly, I critique the conservatism of Remake’s representation of gender. Featured on Critical Distance.
I review Dream Feel’s latest work in the context of other trans stories. I also just really like this game.
To make sense of my feelings with this mecha VN, I wrote about songs from Germany’s romantic opera scene that have become part of the contemporary concert band canon.
Reading Orlando through Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology, and I Meta A Yeti’s 2019 EP through Adventure Time, my essay in this issue of Exploits connects all sorts of disparate texts to find myself on these paths.
Other Bodies is an epistolary column I made with Violet Bloch about human minds in other bodies. We write about mecha and other media that make us think how weird bodies are.
I explore how gender and sexuality are entangled by cisheteronormativity in a (SFW) essay on masturbation.
A personal essay of poetry and prose, “Hope for Two” uses several voices and modes to convey genderfluidity and augment it’s analysis of Celeste’s narrative and mechanical resonance. Featured on Critical Distance.
In my first embargoed “review,” I confront my fear of the ocean that In Other Waters turned into a fear of systems.
I shared my love for Kirby Air Ride at 100 Word Game Reviews.
Games Writing
My presentation explores sites of feminist epistemology, the necessity of community, and feminist histories by remixing the work of marginalized authors as I share how I have come to navigate my identity as a white, able-bodied, queer and transgender person in university.
I wrote some words on Hibike! Euphonium for Unwinnable’s Best TV of 2019 list.
In my essay for Unwinnable, I bring Blood Pact into conversation with Cyberpunk 2077. By highlighting this NSFW indie, I change the question from what, to: how do games make us feel? Featured on Critical Distance.
I talk with trans and Irish game dev Llaura McGee (Dreamfeel). We discuss writing trans characters, queering the games industry, and narrative changes in If Found...’s development.
A poetic record of death and dying in Outer Wilds.
Other Things
For Into the Spine, I approach the mech dating sim Heaven Will be Mine and painfully stumble into the AIDS crisis. “Remembering” is a brief mediation on queer myth making and the ways we choose to tell our stories. Featured on Critical Distance.
I take this Adventure Time comic to task for unwrapping the series’ finale and replacing it with a neat little bow that belies the trauma it deals in. Also titled “Magic, Madness, and Sadness.”
56 is a section of Into the Spine for games photography. Mine comes from 300 hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
I interview Project Aces Brand Director Kazutoki Kono on the 25th anniversary of Ace Combat’s release. In this feature, I weave over two decades and more than a dozen games worth of lore together with Kono’s answers on writing and world building in the setting. I go on to analyze the arcade flight sims political commentary and examine the studios relationship with military contractors. Featured on Critical Distance. A recovered EGM feature.
Using Eli Clare’s Exile & Pride, I discuss queer language use and the misappropriation of linguistic symbols in Marvel’s new New Warriors.
My presentation at the 2019 FCPC Conference was based on my research project (see below), intended to teach a wider audience about what citation politics are and how they impact our everyday.
I describe the trope across media where characters don’t believe the woman protagonist during the climactic struggle as a failure to critique the toxic masculinity present in our tellings of the hero’s journey.
I criticize Coldplay’s latest music video for its depiction of police violence and failures to engage with its themes.
In recovering a trans narrative from Fire Emblem Fates, I write about why I find criticism important. Featured on Critical Distance.
This poster presentation is based on a research proposal created under Dr. Marcy Galbreath (DWR). I argue that we need to understand how leftist YouTube creators have made scholarship relevant to current conversations and media. This is where the scholarship is happening. If we want to make change in the academy we need to look outward. I have continued this project under Dr. Brandy Dieterle (DWR).
I critique the gendered forms of play in the latest Pokémon titles and offer up my own experience reconciling its contradictions.
Indie Mixtape 09: I'm Not a Bug Doctor ft. Autumn Wright