Selected Works

These are my favorite pieces and representative of the range of my portfolio. You can find a list of most of my publications here.

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There is no punctual moment of disaster.” (Bullet Points Monthly, July 2021)

On climate grief, natural disaster, and other confrontations with apocalypse.

Pentimenti” (Unwinnable, July 2021)

On whitespace, wonder, and Chicory.

Egress” (Unwinnable Monthly, May 2021)

On the futurities of apocalypse in Hadestown and Nier Automata during pandemic times.

The State of The Representation: A Manifesto for Trans Games Criticism” (Uppercut Crit, January 2021)

Situating representation discourse within the past decade and proposing a framework for doing criticism with a queer politic.

What Hades Can Teach Us About Ancient Greek Masculinity” (WIRED, January 2021)

On the antiquated bodies and modern myths of Supergiant’s Hades.

The beginning of history in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim” (Polygon, October 2020)

A neo-Marxist reading of 13 Sentinels.

“‘Tell Me Why’ town of Delos Crossing should be a warning to future gamemakers” (The Washington Post, Launcher, September 2020)

On the limits of empathy from a cis gaze.

Critical Compilation: Breath of the Wild” (Critical Distance, September 2020)

An extensive review of writing on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Fall is an Ending and it is Ending.” (Unwinnable Monthly, August 2020)

A meditation on loss at the end of the world and the first entry of my column, Always Autumn.

If Found’s Llaura McGee on Making a Gay AF Trans Game,” (Gayming Mag, July 2020)

An interview with Llaura McGee on the games industry and developing indie darling If Found...

25 Years In The Making: The Strange, Real World of Ace Combat” (Uppercut Crit, June 2020)

An interview with Kazutoki Kono on developing Strangereal for Ace Combat’s 25th anniversary.

Degendering the Dress” (Bullet Points Monthly, May 2020)

On the conservatism of FF7R’s Honeybee Inn.

Heaven Will Be Mine: Remembering” (Into the Spine, September 2019)

On the radical queerness of Heaven Will Be Mine and an ode to my favorite video game.

What To Do With All This Girldick” (Unwinnable, August 2019)

On trans sexuality in games.