This page lists most of my published writing, as well as podcast appearances and conference presentations. You can read a selection of my favorites pieces here.

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Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko, Bullet Points Monthly

Whitespace, Unwinnable 

Chicory, Polygon

Hadestown and Nier Automata, Unwinnable Monthly 139Cavetown, Exploits 39Free!, Exploits 39

Cyberpunk 2077, Bullet Points Monthly

The Anthropocene Reviewed, Exploits 35Trans Criticism, Uppercut CritLoxahatchee Boys, Unwinnable Monthly 135Hades, WIRED


13 Sentinels, Unwinnable

She-Ra, Unwinnable

Punisher, Unwinnable

Outer Wilds, Unwinnable Monthly 134

Adventure Time, Exploits 33

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Exploits 33

Liz and the Bluebird, Exploits 32

Xenoblade Chronicles, Unwinnable Monthly 133

13 Sentinels, PolygonApocalypse Fic, Unwinnable Monthly 132

Breath of the Wild, Critical Distance

Tell Me Why, The Washington Post

Night in the Woods, Unwinnable Monthly 131

Evangelion, Unwinnable Monthly 130

Across the Grooves, Into the Spine

Llaura McGee, Gayming Mag

Kazutoki Kono, Uppercut Crit

Outer Wilds, Videodame

Masturbation, Xtra Magazine

FF7R, Bullet Points Monthly

Space, Other Bodies

If Found, Indie Game Website

Visual Novels, Indie Game Website

Gemini, Unwinnable #Quaranzine

Hero’s Journey, Exploits 26

Coldplay, Exploits 26

New Warriors, Unwinnable Monthly 126

Can Androids Pray, Indie Game Website

In Other Waters, Indie Game Website

Endings, Other Bodies

Pokemon, First Person Scholar

Fire Emblem, Gayming MagGenre, Other Bodies

Marcy & Simon, Exploits 23

Kirby Air Ride, 100 Word Game Reviews


Hibike! Euphonium, UnwinnableDIY, Exploits 21

56, Into the Spine

gen:LOCK, Exploits 20

Heaven Will Be Mine, Into the Spine

Celeste, Videodame

Girldick, Unwinnable

2018Breath of the Wild, CapsuleCrit 


If Found..., Games Are Queer Episode 12Cyberpunk 2077, Jam Session Episode 32Always Queer, Games Are Queer Episode 6

Breath of the Wild, 10 Minute Gaming Podcast

I’m Not a Bug Doctor, Indie Mixtape #9


“Post-Post-Apocalyptic: Come Along with Me,” CUNY Graduate Center’s English Student Association Conference 2021 (Part 1, Part 2)“Navigating Identity by Remixing Theory,” UCF English Graduate Symposium 2019

“Feminist Practices of Citation,” Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition Conference 2019

Citation Practices on YouTube, UCF Department of Writing and Rhetoric Symposium 2019

You can also read self-published blogposts here.